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Book of Rocks

Sarah Sze

front prospective view @2016 Sarah Sze studio

June 2016- Ars Citizen won the international competition for St. Mary’s Square Public Art Project in the Chinatown of San Francisco with the New York City based artist Sarah Sze. The process was led by our partner, the Chinese Culture Center (CCC), in collaboration with 500 Pine Street Company, LLC, the developer of the new office building at the location, and the City of San Francisco. Represented and proposed by Ars Citizen in this endeavor, Sarah Sze specifically conceived the site-specific work Book of Rocks for the extension of the square. The work was selected as the winning proposal for the public competition among more than 100 applications from 64 cities and 13 countries, during a process that included input from the greater Chinatown community and possibilities for public comments.

Artist Sarah Sze
Work Book of Rocks
Partner Chinese Culture Center, 500 Pine Street Company, the City of San Francisco
Location San Francisco
Year 2016 -…
Type Site-specific permanent work
Status In-development
Production Sarah Sze Studio
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4, 10, 6, 2. Views of St. Mary Square, San Francisco Chinatown

9. Book of Rocks, elevation view, looking West @2016 Sarah Sze studio

8. Book of Rocks, plan view, proposed siting @2016 Sarah Sze studio

11. Book of Rocks, plan view, artwork detail @2016 Sarah Sze studio

Film Book of Rocks, rendering @2016 Sarah Sze studio